Portable emissions analyzer

Brand : Testo

Model : 350 Maritime

The Testo 350 MARITIME approved portable emissions analyzer is the first analyzer in the world developed to measure flue gas emissions according to Annex IV of the MARPOL Convention and the 2008 NOx Technical Code.

Gas sampling is done using a special probe that can be installed using a flange. Certified and durable, electrochemical gas sensors (ECS) provide a very accurate and long-term system for stable determination of exhaust gas concentration. Components O2, CO, NOx (NO + NO2 separately) and SO2. The CO2 is registered using the certified IR measurement principle. To overcome difficult conditions at sea, the complete exhaust gas analyzer is housed in a rugged protective housing.

Characteristics :

  • Testo 350-MARITIME analysis box including: O2, CO, CO2- (IR), NO, NO2 et SO2, incl. Gas preparation, differential pressure sensor, 2 temperature probe inputs, Testo data-bus connection, fresh air valve for long-term measurement, integrated battery, integrated combustion air sensor (NTC), trigger input, measurement data storage, USB interface
  • Testo 350-MARITIME V2 control unit
  • Rugged protective housing with trolley function
  • Exhaust gas probe for industrial engines with pre-filter probe, cone shield and heat with a depth of immersion of 335 mm, Tmax 1000 ° C, special pipe for NO2 / SO2 measurements, length 5.2 m, thermocouple for measuring the temperature of the exhaust gas (NiCr-Ni, length 400 mm, Tmax. +1000 ° C) with a connection line of 5.4 m
  • Connection cable between the control unit and the analyzer box, length 5 m
  • Fast Testo printer with wireless infrared interface, 1 thermal paper roll and 4 batteries to print readings on site
  • Testo 610 humidity / temperature instrument
  • Silicon connection pipe (Ø 4mm, length 5 m) incl. Exhaust gas pipe connector for measuring back pressure in the measurement


Application :

  • Analysis of exhaust gases from marine diesel engines