Our mission

The mission of Innovation maritime is to contribute to the development of the marine sector and stimulate excellence through innovation. Innovation maritime aims to develop solutions for the benefit of companies through applied research, technical assistance and information distribution.

Our values

  • Forward-thinker

    Innovation maritime wants to be the leader in its field, a leader, a visionary and before its time.

  • Team spirit

    This translates into active involvement of everyone, listening, sharing of expertise and information, pursuit of common goals, collaboration and a positive attitude within the organization.

  • Professionalism

    Characterized by the respect of the partners, the quality of the work of the employees, by their professional rigor, by the update of their knowledge as well as by their high level of performance and expertise.

  • Commitment

    Our sense of belonging and commitment to the organization and its objectives (dynamic coordination of efforts and actions to achieve results).


Since its creation, Innovation maritime has completed more than 350 applied research, technical assistance and information dissemination projects on behalf of or in partnership with the Canadian marine sector.



In 2001, Innovation maritime begins its activities and quickly establishes a multidisciplinary team to answer the needs of navigation sectors, management of the marine transport and ports, marine mechanics, naval architecture as well as professional diving.



Innovation maritime is recognized as a College Center for Technology Transfer (CCTT) in 2002. From December, individuals and companies that entrust Innovation maritime with a research and development mandate can benefit from significant tax credits through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED) tax credit programs.



The submariner evacuation simulator, inaugurated in the spring of 2003, is making a name for itself around the world. This installation represents the fruit of a team project that combines all the expertise of Innovation maritime, from conception until it’s put into operation



A year of strong growth for Innovation maritime in 2006, where about fifty projects are completed, including a successful collaboration between four regional research centers generates a demonstration project of ballast water treatment which represents an environmental concern for the marine industry.



Built in 2010, the prototyping workshop of Innovation maritime was funded by the Québec government and the Rimouski Collège. It’s a 1,500 m2 workshop with an electronic design laboratory and an adjacent gas laboratory as well as a multipurpose room. The workshop contains applied research and prototyping equipment, some of which were purchased as part of this investment. This workshop is used to develop and test technological innovations to facilitate the development of SMEs in Québec; to demonstrate technology and familiarize IMQ students with new technologies affecting their profession.



Innovation maritime takes stock of its activities over the past five years and leads a reflection on identifying its strengths/weaknesses, reviews its position and defines its future orientations. An assessment of its CCTT status is being conducted and the Québec government has confirmed the renewal of its core funding for the next five years. This announcement reflects the relevance and quality of projects completed in recent years and also the recognition of Innovation maritime’s mandate in the marine sector.



Depending on the nature of the projects and the mandates that are entrusted to the research center, the teams can be remodeled to gather all the necessary expertise for their realization.

In addition, all this expertise is backed by strong skills in administration, business management and finance.


  • Sylvain Lafrance

    Executive Director, ext. 4601

  • Isabelle Durette

    Executive Assistant, ext. 4600

  • Marie-Josée Caron

    Financial Controller, ext. 4602

Project team

  • Pascal Dubé

    Team leader – IT analyst, ext. 4604

  • Emmanuelle Doucet

    Programmer, ext. 4603

  • Naceur Zidi

    Jr. Eng., M. Sc., ext. 4624

  • Éric Perreault

    Jr. Eng., ext. 4609

  • Samuel Desgagné

    Mechanical Engineering tech., ext. 4626

  • Gabriel Dugas

    Engineering Project Manager, ext. 4629

  • Jil Hardy

    CEP, ext. 4615

Associate teachers

  • Jerry Young

    Master Mariner certificate
    Teacher – Navigation, IMQ

  • Christian Côté

    Teacher – Naval Architecture, IMQ

  • André Cyr

    Teacher – Naval Architecture, IMQ

  • Mohamad Issa

    Teacher – Electricity, IMQ

  • Jean-Christophe Gauthier-Marquis

    Teacher – Physics, IMQ

  • Luc Dubé

    Teacher – Transport logistics, IMQ


Board of directors

  • Pierre Parent

    Pilot – Mid St. Lawrence Pilots Corporation

  • Maria Danilenko

    Senior Manager, Operational Excellence – Canada Steamship Lines (CSL)

  • Christian Côté

    Professor, Department of Naval Architecture – Institut maritime du Québec

  • Jean-François Belzile

    Director of Operations and Captain – Port de Montréal

  • Mélanie Leblanc

    Director – Institut maritime du Québec

  • Jean Brousseau

    Professor, Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering – Université du Québec à Rimouski

  • Éric Hudier

    Secretary Treasurer
    Professor, mathematics department, computer and engineering, Director of Bachelor of Engineering Programs – Université du Québec à Rimouski