Evaluation of the effect of tower angle – CSET trials

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In the event that a submarine in distress can not surface, the submariners have the possibility to wait for the rescue or if the circumstances require it, to evacuate the submarine via the emergency evacuation system. QinetiQ, from the United Kingdom, wanted to conduct evaluation tests of this system at different angles of inclination of the evacuation tower and to …

Development and implementation of a Marine Information System (MIS)

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Innovation maritime and SODES have set up a service whose fundamental objective is to collect, process and disperse useful information for marine field contributors. The proposed solution was developed following discussions with clients and partners. The proposed solution was developed following discussions with clients and partners. It relies on a combined expertise in IT, navigation and shipping logistics. The objectives …

Marinization of a structurally packed scrubber for the treatment of sulfur emissions and GHGs

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The goal is to develop a new two-stage closed loop mixed structured scrubber for SOx removal and CO2 capture. The first part deals with the washing of the scrubber on a wave simulator robot to study the impact of the swell on SOx / GHG washing performance. The second focuses on the design of structured packing to minimize energy consumption …

Comparative analysis of OISIR and DUKC software calculation models

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The mandate consisted in carrying out a comparative analysis between two systems for calculating under keel clearance of ships transiting the St. Lawrence. It was a question of comparing the model of under keel clearance used by the Canadian Coast Guard and that developed by the Port of Montreal. The analysis made it possible to highlight the methodological differences of …

Successful short sea shipping on the St. Lawrence

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The Quebec Table on Short Sea Shipping (SSS) brings together the main public and private participants in shipping on the St. Lawrence. In line with the objectives it pursues, the Table wanted to have a study describing in detail the needs, the interest as well as the requirements of the shippers and terrestrial carriers towards the SSS. The completion of …

Risk analysis for Arctic shipping

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Innovation maritime‘s mandate consisted in taking quantitative information in relation to the depth, width and alignment of the waterway in narrow passages such as the entrance of rivers to communities or straits, identify the most likely navigation route and operational draft and identify dangerous depths taking into account tidal extremes on nautical charts.

Comparative analysis of crowdsourcing applications for navigation

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The participatory approach to data collection, often called “crowdsourcing”, has a lot of potential. Several “crowdsourcing” applications already exist on the web in the field of navigation. Before going further in a strategy involving the general public in collecting and sharing information, the Canadian Hydrographic Service wanted to have a picture of what already exists on the market. It’s in …