Eye/hand/foot coordination test for evaluation of future crane operators

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The Maritime Employers Association (MEA) trains longshoremen for the operation of different port cranes. To do this, they use various tools such as simulators and training equipment. One of these tests evaluates the eye/hand/foot coordination of the candidates. This test is relatively standard and not necessarily adapted to the work context of crane operators. The aim of the project was …

Tracking module for monitoring voluntary speed reduction measures on the St. Lawrence

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Although environmentally friendly, the movement of ships may have some negative impacts on habitats and certain species of the St. Lawrence. This is why the marine industry, the relevant ministries and environmental groups are working together to put in place innovative solutions to improve cohabitation. One of the measures adopted is speed reduction by ships in areas deemed to be at …

3D Navigator

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As part of their training, the students in navigation of the Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ) must be trained in the rules of the road and in the interpretation of navigation lights. In this regard, Innovation maritime has developed an educational tool to visualize in 3 dimensions different scenarios showing vessels with their respective navigation lights. Scenarios presented in 3D …

Crawler mounting design

imar Geni maritime, Réalisation

The objective of the project was to develop a crawler trolley that would allow the launching of boats built at the shipyard. It’s from a concept proposed by the client that the team of Innovation maritime carried out the structural validation of the handling equipment to be manufactured. This truck was to be able to withstand 300 metric tons, withstand …

Design of a itinary calculation tool for cruise ships on the St. Lawrence

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To provide a source of information for its partners, to enhance the cruise market while maximizing socio-economic benefits, for both shipowners and the Québec economy, the St. Lawrence Cruise Association wanted to have a itinary calculation tool. The purpose of the project was to create a web application to create an itinary and calculate transit times. The application considers 22 …

Future Marine Fuel Study

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This study explored alternative fuels and compatible engine technologies for the Canadian marine fleet to meet future emissions regulations. The study also investigated programs and regulations and current and anticipated industry incentives and recommending strategies to mitigate the impact of shipowners’ regulations and to increase the competitiveness of Canada’s marine industry.

Study on the freezing conditions of the air distribution system of divers’ helmets

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Innovation maritime was commissioned to carry out a study on the freezing conditions of the air distribution system of divers’ helmets. The simulation tests of the freezing in laboratory and the analysis of the obtained information made it possible to propose to the customer a methodology of action to be taken by the diver when they are victim of a …