Development and implementation of a Marine Information System (MIS)

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Innovation maritime and SODES have set up a service whose fundamental objective is to collect, process and disperse useful information for marine field contributors. The proposed solution was developed following discussions with clients and partners. The proposed solution was developed following discussions with clients and partners. It relies on a combined expertise in IT, navigation and shipping logistics. The objectives …

Successful short sea shipping on the St. Lawrence

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The Quebec Table on Short Sea Shipping (SSS) brings together the main public and private participants in shipping on the St. Lawrence. In line with the objectives it pursues, the Table wanted to have a study describing in detail the needs, the interest as well as the requirements of the shippers and terrestrial carriers towards the SSS. The completion of …

Contrecoeur port terminal expansion project – Marine transportation aspects

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Considering the anticipated growth of marine traffic carried by container ships, the Port of Montréal (MPA) has been planning for several years the development of a new container handling area at Contrecoeur. However, several steps remain to be completed so that the project can be realized. Among other things, the MPA was required to conduct an environmental impact study, the …

Review of marine oil spill prevention, preparedness and response measures

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The main objectives of this study were to assess whether the current framework for the transportation of hydrocarbons by ships is safe for populations, environment and goods ; assess the capacity of the various organizations involved, according to their respective roles and responsibilities ; propose legislative and regulatory changes or measures to improve the preparedness and response of all organizations …

Eye/hand/foot coordination test for evaluation of future crane operators

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The Maritime Employers Association (MEA) trains longshoremen for the operation of different port cranes. To do this, they use various tools such as simulators and training equipment. One of these tests evaluates the eye/hand/foot coordination of the candidates. This test is relatively standard and not necessarily adapted to the work context of crane operators. The aim of the project was …

Future Marine Fuel Study

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This study explored alternative fuels and compatible engine technologies for the Canadian marine fleet to meet future emissions regulations. The study also investigated programs and regulations and current and anticipated industry incentives and recommending strategies to mitigate the impact of shipowners’ regulations and to increase the competitiveness of Canada’s marine industry.