Successful short sea shipping on the St. Lawrence

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The Quebec Table on Short Sea Shipping (SSS) brings together the main public and private participants in shipping on the St. Lawrence. In line with the objectives it pursues, the Table wanted to have a study describing in detail the needs, the interest as well as the requirements of the shippers and terrestrial carriers towards the SSS. The completion of …

Risk analysis for Arctic shipping

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Innovation maritime‘s mandate consisted in taking quantitative information in relation to the depth, width and alignment of the waterway in narrow passages such as the entrance of rivers to communities or straits, identify the most likely navigation route and operational draft and identify dangerous depths taking into account tidal extremes on nautical charts.

Comparative analysis of crowdsourcing applications for navigation

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The participatory approach to data collection, often called “crowdsourcing”, has a lot of potential. Several “crowdsourcing” applications already exist on the web in the field of navigation. Before going further in a strategy involving the general public in collecting and sharing information, the Canadian Hydrographic Service wanted to have a picture of what already exists on the market. It’s in …

Definition of a technical solution to the maintenance dredging problem of the Rivière-du-Loup marina

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The sedimentation is sufficiently important in the marina to limit the entry/exit window of the boats, both for pleasure and for cruise ships, and it has significant impacts on the development of nautical activities in the area. To ensure that the resources involved in the maintenance dredging project are used optimally, Innovation maritime has been mandated to identify the technical …

Contrecoeur port terminal expansion project – Marine transportation aspects

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Considering the anticipated growth of marine traffic carried by container ships, the Port of Montréal (MPA) has been planning for several years the development of a new container handling area at Contrecoeur. However, several steps remain to be completed so that the project can be realized. Among other things, the MPA was required to conduct an environmental impact study, the …

Hybrid propulsion concepts for fishing vessels

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The objective of this research project was to develop two technically and economically viable concepts of hybrid propulsion systems for fishing vessels, adapted to Québec conditions (St. Lawrence river and gulf) : for vessels operating near the coast and making sea trips of less than one day and for vessels making sea trips of several consecutive days. The adoption of …

Development of a hydrofoil : hydrodynamic study, dynamic optimization and stability

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The main objective of the project was to finalize the design, prototype fabrication and tests for a hydrofoil. The project aimed to determine which hydrodynamic profiles are most appropriate; determine the polarities of these profiles, establish the geometry of the wings according to the targeted performances, determine the hydrodynamic loads on the components of the hydrofoil; make a prototype, test …

GMDSS Simulator

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GMDSS is an international system, developed by IMO for the purpose of saving lives. The Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ) offers recognized training to train navigation officers in the use of the GMDSS. The design of the simulator proposed by Innovation maritime provided the necessary flexibility to allow the addition of new components and the integration of scenarios generating reaction …