Longline brake

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Commercial groundfish fishing is practiced in Québec with trawl, gillnets or longlines. The longline consists of a main line on which hooks are arranged with branchlines. The launching of the longline (up to 1000 baited hooks) however requires a lot of skill and is at high risk of injury. The goal of the project was to design, manufacture and test …


imar Navigation, Réalisation

In order to respond to economic and environmental concerns, Innovation maritime has designed the Optide software to optimize shipping on the St. Lawrence through the use of tidal currents. After the user has entered the required data, Optide provides an optimal time of passage. This hour of passage makes it possible to take full advantage of the tidal currents, thus …

Review of marine oil spill prevention, preparedness and response measures

imar Réalisation, Transport maritime

The main objectives of this study were to assess whether the current framework for the transportation of hydrocarbons by ships is safe for populations, environment and goods ; assess the capacity of the various organizations involved, according to their respective roles and responsibilities ; propose legislative and regulatory changes or measures to improve the preparedness and response of all organizations …

Potential of forest biomass bio-oils for marine transport

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The use of biofuels as a substitute or supplement to fossil fuels is one of the strategies to further reduce the carbon footprint of marine transport. In this context, the research project carried out by SEREX and Innovation maritime, in partnership with the client, aimed to validate the possibility of developing a mixed fuel based on diesel and biofuels derived …

Website consulting water levels along the North Traverse

imar Navigation, Réalisation

In the North crossing, pilots are passing ships of strong drafts using the tides. However, there may be differences between predictions and observations of water levels. In order to facilitate their work, the client wanted to equip themselves with computer tools for planning and monitoring the transits of their ships in the North crossing. Innovation maritime has therefore developed a …

Development of a monitoring and communication interface for engine performance analysis products

imar Geni maritime, Réalisation

OpDAQ Systems, which specializes in shipboard instrumentation systems, wanted to interconnect its various measurement devices to enable efficient communication between each of them and also to improve their viewing platform for all devices. To assist it in its approach, OpDAQ has requested the involvement of Innovation maritime to help optimize the functionality of the existing system.

Design and manufacture of a certified system for lifting divers at the Institut maritime du Québec

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For the launch of divers and their ascent, the IMQ has entrusted Innovation maritime with the mandate to design and manufacture new equipment that meets the standards of the CSST for this type of activity. In line with the new lifting equipment, a new platform has been designed and built, which also respects the standards of the CSST for diving …

Development of travel optimization software (loading/unloading)

imar Navigation, Réalisation

Unloading operations include more than one site and are often complex. Transshipment sequences, tidal effects, currents and navigation restrictions create delays in operations, leading to significant costs that could be avoided with better operations planning. The software developed by Innovation maritime uses NOAA data and takes into account all the constraints necessary to plan the different stages of a trip. …

Real-time remote monitoring system for professional diving and hyperbaric medicine

Magik Web Plongée professionnelle, Réalisation

The aim of this project was to develop a system for remote broadcasting and monitoring of dive parameters and video streams to facilitate real-time management and supervision of professional diving and hyperbaric treatment activities. The developed system retrieves video streams and other data relevant to diving and hyperbaric treatment (from the AxDDM system of the company AXSUB) and transfers them …

Functional study of Aquaspiralift

imar Geni maritime, Réalisation

Gala Systèmes inc. and Paco Spiralift Inc. have developed a compact, stable, sturdy and quiet stainless steel mechanical cylinder, named i-Lock Spiralift, used as a main lift truck in the entertainment industry. These companies were developing a mechanical cylinder submerged in water that would be used to evaluate removable pool floors. Before marketing the Aquaspiralift, Gala Systèmes inc. and Paco …