Design of a itinary calculation tool for cruise ships on the St. Lawrence

imar Navigation, Réalisation

To provide a source of information for its partners, to enhance the cruise market while maximizing socio-economic benefits, for both shipowners and the Québec economy, the St. Lawrence Cruise Association wanted to have a itinary calculation tool. The purpose of the project was to create a web application to create an itinary and calculate transit times. The application considers 22 …

Future Marine Fuel Study

imar Réalisation, Transport maritime

This study explored alternative fuels and compatible engine technologies for the Canadian marine fleet to meet future emissions regulations. The study also investigated programs and regulations and current and anticipated industry incentives and recommending strategies to mitigate the impact of shipowners’ regulations and to increase the competitiveness of Canada’s marine industry.

Study on the freezing conditions of the air distribution system of divers’ helmets

imar Plongée professionnelle, Réalisation

Innovation maritime was commissioned to carry out a study on the freezing conditions of the air distribution system of divers’ helmets. The simulation tests of the freezing in laboratory and the analysis of the obtained information made it possible to propose to the customer a methodology of action to be taken by the diver when they are victim of a …

Revised the transportation of dangerous goods aboard STQ ferries

imar Réalisation, Sureté/Sécurité Maritime

The Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) wanted to update its documentation pertaining to the transportation of dangerous goods. To fulfill this mandate, Innovation maritime updated the list of dangerous goods on board ferries. This update was done using the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, the IMDG Code and the BC Code. From this information, Innovation maritime produced product segregation …

NISOB (No Invasive Species On Board)

imar Réalisation, Technologies environnementales

Innovation maritime initiated the NISOB project to address the risk of introduction of invasive species by ships’ ballast water. A rigorous scientific analysis of the treated water has been carried out by laboratories to verify compliance with the standards established by the ballast water control and management Regulations. The technologies tested onboard were intended, among other things, to help the …

Auto ship positioning

imar Geni maritime, Réalisation

Innovation maritime developed a system of assistance to captians and pilots for the auto-positioning and mooring of their ship in a sluice. This tool automates the various stages that required personnel at each sluice of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The equipment developed consists of a laser range finder whose internal components are movable and pivoting, coupled with a computer that …

Development of a security awareness tool (video) for the Port of Montréal

Magik Web Réalisation, Sureté/Sécurité Maritime

The audiovisual document produced by Innovation maritime had as objectives : safety awareness, of all employees joined during the presentations, a general presentation of the organization of security at the port of Montréal, provide an overview of the challenges identified in maintaining security, for the port of Montréal, new employees when they first view the document. With this tool, the …

Marine best practices analysis

imar Réalisation, Technologies environnementales

The overall objectives of the project were to reduce GHG emissions from the main propulsion engine ; reduce the main propulsion engine fuel consumption ; increase the overall efficiency of the vessel through the use of performance indicators ; demonstrate the impact of operational best practices on GHG emissions and energy consumption of a building ; inform and educate the ship’s crew …


imar Réalisation, Technologies environnementales

The purpose of the project was to experiment with the use of biodiesel in one of the generators of a Canadian-flagged merchant ship. This project validated the use of biodiesel by generators, evaluate their performance as well as measure the reduction of polluting emissions and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to determine the benefits of biodiesel in reducing maintenance costs and …


imar Réalisation, Technologies environnementales

The project aimed to evaluate the use of biodiesel as an alternative fuel on cruise ships in the Old Port of Montréal. It was produced in collaboration with Rothsay (biodiesel manufacturer), Sine Nomine (a firm specializing in the commercialization of energy technologies) and four cruise companies, AML, Saute-Moutons, Bateau-mouche and L’éclusier, who put twelve of their ships at the disposal …