Design and prototyping

Whether for the design, improvement or manufacture of mechanical or electronic products related to the maritime domain, we put our know-how and our equipment at the disposal of our customers.

Built in 2010, Innovation maritime’s prototyping workshop has an area of 1500 m2 with an electronic design laboratory and an adjacent gas laboratory as well as a multipurpose room. The workshop contains applied research and prototyping equipment used to develop and test technological innovations in order to facilitate the development of SMEs in Québec and to make technological demonstrations.

Depending on the degree of importance and complexity of the work, the center has the opportunity to work as a project manager or in association with other partners.

  • Design of electromechanical systems for the marine industry

  • Ergonomic and safe tools for professional fishing

  • Lifting system for professional divers

  • Product optimization for the marine sector

  • Navigation tools